Operatic Death

I sigh as I look down the main street of my hometown, empty and devoid of all life. I can't even remember when I left, it feels so long ago. I feel a chill settle over me, and, shaking, I walk farther into town. It's stupid, but I hope I'll find someone else, some other sliver of life. Being alone here, it's unnerving in this poor, ruined town.

As I walk, I sing softly, hoping that even the smallest sound will make this place a bit more alive, a bit less daunting. I peer into every building, yet all I can see is broken walls, sagging doors, and rotted floors. I wish I could enter, yet I don't want to die here. I'm not ready to die.

As I near an intersection with another street, I hear a sound, almost like a keening wail. I sing louder, putting more of myself into the song to mask my fear. I look down the other street as I near it, and it is just as empty as the rest of this town. Yet, as I walk past it, I hear an orchestra join my song.

I spin around, halting i…

Poems #11-20

Continued from Poems #1-10.

Under the cover of time the oceans cry
Endless tears shed in a second
Spraying through the silent air
With no end to the pain in sight

Beneath the surface of tears the memories weep
Silent agony slides down the emptiness
No end to these rivers of love
Only endless whispers of heartache

In the dying of desire the spirits whisper,
Listening to the beat of broken hearts
Voices of sweet innocence arise
And weave a matrix of true love

Discord clashes with harmony
Beauty and destruction intertwine
Love and hate each seek control
Life and death honor a truce of anarchy

In dreams of tears the leaves speak,
Of seasons past and days gone by
Of imagined futures and new beginnings
Of a world that rang with beauty

In a still world the trees whisper,
A breath of wind to stir the air
Golden rays brush the landscape
Lending hope to all they could

Waves fade into the air
Impact forgotten soon after
As numerous more follow
And one among thousands

Destitution's Defender

The city lights flickered dimly as the bus trundled by. Empty, but for two people: a young man gripping the wheel, a baseball bat his closest companion, and an older woman, dressed in rags, sleeping in the back of the bus. The young man's eyes scanned the sidewalks lining the streets, searching through the shadows. He stopped beside a bench, and got off of the bus to help the older man huddled there into the little warmth and shelter his bus could provide.

For hours, the bus patrolled the streets, no longer empty. As it passed below the Empire State Building, the young man slammed on the brakes. Hidden in the tall shadow, he saw a girl, her clothes half torn off, struggling to free herself from the grasp of a burly, middle-aged man.

The world blurred as he darted off the bus, baseball bat in hand. In what felt like seconds, he climbed back into the bus, leading the girl gently by the hand. As she sat down, he handed her a blanket, a tear in the corner of his eye. She refused to me…


My heart pounded in my throat, and I could not breathe. I forced my feet to keep moving, my eyes to remain forward, even though all was black. A loud hiss rang out from behind me, and I pushed myself faster.

I tripped, and, as I fell, I caught a glimpse of the shadowy figure chasing me. His red eyes captured me, frozen. As I felt myself moving closer to him, I tried to lunge sideways, out of his grip. I sank into the wall as if it was not there.

I screamed. So I had been dead all along.

Natural Jurisdiction

“Could you please state your name for the record?”

“Lily Voelkel, Your Majesty.”

I sigh as the wind brushes through my hair, a crisp chill embracing my soul. Before me, a small stream bubbles kindly, asking me to slip under its halcyon sway.

“Ms. Voelkel, please state your employment for the court.”

Thunder crashes above, lightning parries in a resplendent waltz. Rain serenades me; I twirl in circles with the melody, tears adding to the rain.

“I am a diviner.”

Raucous laughter joins the lilting refrain, rising in serene crescendo. Through the rain, I see brilliant red weaving with the accompanying countermelody. Hypnotic in its trance, I smile at the blades of grass swirling around my feet.

“Ms. Voelkel, this is a serious matter. Let me remind you that you have sworn to tell the truth. I will ask you again, what is the nature of your employment?”

Silence falls, tension saturates the air. I laugh as I twirl through the song, edging closer to the stream, to the exquisite terror that awa…

Poems #1-10

A collection of single stanza poems, all of which are untitled, identified only by number.

Love shattered the stillness of the night
Silvery light of the moon fracturing in pieces
Stars twinkling high above
Like the shards of broken hearts

Summer shadows, fading seasons
Falling leaves, dying wind
Sparkling ice, encroaching darkness
Swaying gently, a single red rose

Amongst the shadows of death the oceans echo,
The waves scream into the silence
Droplets of tears spray up with every fall,
And the sounds of mourning ring

In the heart of a lost soul agony echoes
Within the throes of life and death
Numbered heartbeats shall be heard
As the world draws its last breath

In the stillness of death a single whisper,
A near silent plea for freedom
Sounds in the non-existent space of existence
And shatters all hope of salvation

Departed though you may be
But not yet forgotten
For your spirit lives within me
Forever in my heart

Blood dripping from the lustful sword
Sharpened st…

Phantom Delirium

The engines gave a sputtering whine as she pulled up on the yoke. She gritted her teeth, clenching her hands as she forced the plane to climb above the majority of the clouds. Holding back tears, she looked to the unconscious body of her copilot in the seat to her right. As the engines shakily settled into a relatively smooth hum, she sighed, turning her eyes back to the somber expanse before her.

Sparkling dimly, the moon scorned her, offering a fraction of light to shadow her fallacy. Behind her, the door to the cockpit opened, revealing hundreds of passengers frozen in their seats. A young man, his face paler than the purest white, shakily whispered, while trying to avoid looking at her, “What are you doing to us? Why?”

Her voice broke as she responded. “I’m trying to save all of you. I-” She dropped her head, her black hair forming a thick curtain to hide her face, “I never wanted any of this. You’re all innocent, and I’m so sorry that you’ve been dragged into my problems.”

His fa…