The small, crowded space echoed its raucous occupants. Beer, whiskey, and spirits were constantly being tossed back in celebration. Every person in the room held a glass or a bottle.

All but one.

One of the few females in the pub, she sat alone at a table in the corner, watching how carefree everyone else had become. Her brows furrowed as she drummed her fingers lightly against the stained wooden tabletop. Strands of her cropped black hair fell across the tops of her eyes; a hand brushing them did nothing to move them aside.

Her eyes turned forlornly to the empty chair beside her, cast in shadow as it should be. “You should be here, Semira. We won, you know. I remember you said that we would, and I was a fool not to trust in you.”

The wild clamor dulled to a more soft murmur as she continued to speak.

“You saved me, Semira, pulled me back from the darkness I had chosen for myself.” Her voice shook as her vision blurred. “I would not be here today if not for you. You gave me the world.…


The grand hall rang with dozens of conversations, full, yet not quite loud enough to overshadow the lilting music of the orchestra. Wine glasses were lifted to lips, peals of bell-toned laughter chimed in the air, and hors d’oeuvres floated around the decadent party. As the orchestra’s piece wound to a close, a tall, thin man stepped on stage, grasped the microphone, and called for Scarlett Iyer to come forward.

Her long black gown flowed about her legs as she strode through the crowd. Reaching the stage, she smiled at the man as he handed over the microphone. Long locks of bright violet hair framed her face as she spoke, “I’d like to thank everyone for coming here today. It is an honor to be able to introduce my newest invention to you all this evening.”

She presented a small glass vial, filled with brilliant pink liquid, to the crowd. The light glinted off the vial, reflected in her blue eyes. Radiant beauty bloomed in the room as she uncorked the vial. The crowd stared, frozen, in …


No, I won't do it, I won't open my eyes this time. I can't take any more of these stupid games. The air is stagnant, almost stale, as if I'd been thrown into a hidden, unused closet. Or worse, I suppose. There's always worse for me.

But what if this time isn't worse? And besides, it's not like having my eyes closed is really going to save me if it is. Cursing myself and my curiosity, I crack open my left eye. And I see. . .

Nothing. Or rather, nothing important. Instead, it was empty, deserted. As I open my other eye and look more closely, I can tell that everything has a solid layer of dust, as if no one had been here in years. Rows of the same stiff, uncomfortable chairs line the entire hallway, and looking up, I see I had landed at gate B12.

Turning my head even farther, I notice one thing that changes my entire initial impression of this place. The dust was misleading, because if this place had really been abandoned for years, then how could the across …

Immortal Fallacy

This poem was written as an experiment in mixing two of my previous poems together. Huntress and End of Forever

As I lie dying with my breaths numbered
I look back on eternity,
And wonder if I could've done more
To really have lived heartily

Because there were times when,
Like just before I ran to meet my greatest disgrace,
I didn't truly live
I made grievous mistakes

I kept my nature a secret
Kept my age and experience withheld
From the man I adored
And that cost me him, my love unparalleled

I remember how love shattered in the stillness of the night
A secret learned, beyond my control
So I flee, unable to face him
With the shards of my ancient soul

Wind whispered in the forest
Forlorn moon shone through the mist
No sound to be heard
Serenity of the night ceased to exist

In the corner of my eye a shadow wavered
"Who's there?" - Meeting my call was a soft rustling
Afraid as I was, I turned
Only to be met with nothing

Blackness, emptiness, lifelessness
That's …

Night Walker

Her eyes closed blissfully as her body sliced through the once serene night air. Faintly, a melody could be heard coming to life as if from a faraway place. The piano played as if it was covered in the dust of previous songs, songs of another time. Softly, a full orchestra could be heard joining in as she drew nearer and nearer to the teeth of the rocks waiting for her. The intermingling melodies rose to a deafening crescendo as she was about to crash onto the sharp rocks, yet, with mere seconds to spare, she bent her knees to cushion the impact at the same time as she rolled to the side and down onto the black sand of the beach. She lay still for just a moment before rising to her feet, her melody still cutting through the night, and opening her eyes.

Opening her mouth ever so slightly, the moonlight caught and held one of her gleaming white fangs in its grasp for a brief moment until she turned towards the distant forest. The night went completely mute as her face took on the darken…


Wind whispers in the forest
Forlorn moon shines through the mist
No sound to be heard
Serenity of the night not meant to endure

In the corner of my eye
A shadow wavers
Afraid as I am, I turn
Only to be met with nothing

Blackness, emptiness, lifelessness
That's all there is
Nothing has changed
So...did I imagine it?

The darkness, the silence
It tricks my mind, my senses
Reality's boundaries no longer clear
Wishing, hoping for this to be but a mere nightmare

A mournful howl
Sounds off in the distance
The moonlight brightens, as if empowered
Even as the shadows darken

Fear clutches at my heart, my soul
Apprehensive I am
This night unnerves me
For something - something just isn't right

An increase in the wind
It dances amongst the shadows
All around me it seems
Is the song of the dark

A chorus of howls
Rises to join the first
Their unearthly melody
Is brought nearer by the second

Just as my fear reaches its peak -
The world falls silent
Not a breath of air
Not a single sound


Angel Soul

The edge of the world. Of her world. The night was a solemn silence cloaking her fragile body. Yet, for her, there was no silence, no peace. In the depths of her unsound mind, the screams never quieted, the wails never ceased, the agony never diminished. But she would always fight them, as she had fought until her last breath. Though it had been a long, long while since then. No longer could she even try to fight. Truly, she had died months ago. Her spirit had gone, and she was left as nothing but an empty shell.

Below were jagged rocks and frigid waves, above, a silver crescent moon and scattered clouds against a jet black canvas. With a slight tremor in her gaze, she raised her head until the moon was reflected in her eyes. A slight breath of wind, one blink, and it was gone, obscured beneath a stray cloud. Barely visible, a single crystalline teardrop slid down her cheek. Her hair flying gently in the meager breeze, she looked down and smiled for the first time in years. "Ange…