Tempestuous Tranquility

The sun glittered over the forest, reflecting off the the vibrant green foliage that sheltered the river. Woodnotes danced on the summer breeze, warping through the tight-knit branches to encircle the white clouds haunting the landscape.

A young woman wove through the trees, her skirts catching on the underbrush in her daze. She shut her eyes, her lips forming soundless words, chaotic even as the silence chained them. Her breath came in shallow rasps, yet she drove her legs to move faster.

Thunder crashed in her darkness, flashes of bright light appearing as she ran, gone before she could register more than their mere presence. The rapidly changing light pressed down on her, enveloping her mind with the tourbillion of zenosyne. Her foot caught on an unseen rock, sending her rolling into the river.

The sudden touch of serenity returned her to the forest, a gasp echoing through the trees as she opened her eyes. Her hands groped the water, fighting for purchase against the slick riverbed…

I Believe

Floating all around
I see a dream
That taunts me
As it sparkles
Always out of reach

Forever I have run
Pace unchanging,
Desire enduring,
And forever I will run
For my forbidden stardust

I chase
The impossible,
The otherworldly,
And yet
I believe in hope

I believe in dreams
Someday, may I be
Deserving of this dream
That is my life
For I believe in me

Serenade Our Saviour

She stood alone atop the sand dune, scanning the sky for their approach. Her eyes were slits of deep violet, piercing in rarity. At a distant roar from overhead, she began to hum, a low croon that stroked the desolate horizons.

Moments later, she felt them. Strong leathery wings beat the air, casting torrential gusts of wind through the desert, enveloping her in a whirlwind of sand. A wide grin split her features as she opened her mouth to sing, swallowing sand as she did.

Her voice cut through the wind, clear for naught could resist her will. Dragons came into view, their wings flapping furiously against the power of her unearthly melody. A gleam in her eye, she pushed her song further, standing motionless even as the dragons fought their way closer.

Flames shot in her direction, hitting an invisible wall and exploding into the sand-filled sky. She raised her arms above her head, thrusting her palms out towards the dragons as her song crescendoed to a boundless height. Relentless, sh…

Life Goes On

Dawn breaks, unending As the world awakens to Dream through another day
So fleeting amongst all else
A second to breathe, just a blink
And so life goes on
Pushing all to look to the future,
For so quick does the present
Fall under the grey shroud of
The past, an oblivion that
Haunts the future, for memory
Dwells in a slower time,
Tainting all that will be
With all that has already been

As the sun crests its noonday apex,
Hope dances with pain, blended beyond
Recognition, for as tomorrow approaches
Yesterday has not yet gone to join the
Memories of yesteryear, lingering to
Tarnish all the memories yet to be made,
Wilting the blossoming dreams before they
Have the chance to bloom,
And so life goes on,
Uncaring, unyielding to the struggles of
Everlasting time, forever unbroken
Regardless of how memory drags on,
Falling further and further astray,
Unable to float atop the endless river
Of past, present, and future in life

Eventide comes to call, the halcyon
Sway of the rising moon swirls…

Forsaken Rapture

Gentle, upon slick stones she stood
Her breath bathed by the fragrant wood
Lost in bliss, she lowered her hood
Things were not good, things were not good

Her skirts flowed atop the water
Nature the world wished to slaughter
A fate she resolved to alter
For her daughter, for her daughter

Before her a vast waterfall
Shimmering mists answer the call
Her barren soul do they enthrall
It must not fall, it must not fall

A wild melody filled her ears
Brought her down to her knees in tears
Naught at all could allay her fears
Sweet were the cheers, sweet were the cheers

How were their views so far askew
After all, animals live too
Evil had seized them, this is true
What could she do, what could she do

Around her, nature was so rich
Everything so alive to twitch
Her spirit, vibrant life did bewitch
So joined on pitch, so joined on pitch

Her eyes sparkled a brilliant gleam
Ecstasy on her face to beam
Along with nature did she scream
So she fell to dream, so she fell to dream

Fading into Agony

This was written as a challenge to write a 300-350 word story all in a single sentence. 

White, everything was white, and she was lost within it, unable to get free no matter what she did; the stark desolation used to frighten her but now she had grown far too used to its constant presence, and even as she kept pace with her life, she could't shake it - the vehemence with which it contained her was too much even for one so much stronger than she - as things were, she didn't stand a chance, and it had been so long since she could see the world through anything other than her doomed porcelain lens, she had fallen deep into the sway of anhedonia, alone in apathetic agony; rasasvada enveloped her in the rare moments she could escape from the perpetual achromatic emptiness that formed her world, and it was so blissful, such a welcome freedom from her monotonous daily death, that it reignited her ability to dream in color, if only for a fleeting instant, but even so, it was not enou…

Let Me Go

The wind whistled as it buffeted her body. She clung to the rail, dizzy, as she watched the waves crash onto the rocks far below. Across the open water, the sky burned with blood, a dusting of clouds smattered about the horizon. Slicing through the crimson, a single crow captured her eyes.

Behind her, the light began to spin in circles, adding a ghostly cast to the evening's gloaming. In shaking hands, she stroked the book for which she gave up her dream job. The binding was worn almost through, yet the pages were still somehow in near pristine condition. She could never go back now, not since she'd made the stupid decision to become a thief.

Slamming her fist onto the metal railing, she felt tears come to her eyes as she cradled her hand. In her other hand, the book thrummed to the beat of her heart. Unbidden, she felt herself move as if to take a step closer to the open sky.

Dimly, she knew she did not want to move at all, but yet, she could not stop her body from twitching …